Update 2021-04-24

Major updates:

  • Added merchant NPCs and gold currency. 
  • Merchants NPCs: blacksmith (sells 3rd Legion armor), alchemist (sells plants for potions making), innkeeper (sells potions and ability scrolls)
  • Reworked chests functionality - same UI as for merchants, so now chests may contain several different items.
  • Added visuals for equiped belt items, wich may serve as indication for amounts of items and reflect slot cooldowns.
  • Added cooldowns for belt slots with ability to assign the same item to several slots to compensate this cooldown.
  • Added rewards for quests - gold and/or items.
  • Improved ability system: ability points gained from scrolls, functionality for drag-and-drop ability assignment to any slot with hotkey.


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Apr 24, 2021

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