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This game is in early development stage, so content is limited, and there are bugs of varying degrees of criticality. But if this game is interested you, feel free to try it and leave feedback - it will help me to improve the game greatly.

The Organisation: Tactics - a real-time tactical strategy created on the Unreal Engine 4. 

The player controls a small infantry squad, performing various tasks in all corners of the world.

The player controls the infantry, and can also call for support, with the help of which it is possible to cause an air strike or control allied vehicles.

Each infantryman can have up to three active and one passive ability. Some of them have a limited number of uses.

Missions include operations to clean up territory, defend, collect objects or support allies. The scale can vary - from point strikes to combined arms operations.

Tactical pause allows player to give precise orders or assess the danger at any moment of the battle.


The Organisation - Tactics.zip 724 MB

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