A downloadable game for Windows

Otoshi Castle is a turn-based strategy single player game. 

Dive into a series of funny and challenging levels. Take turns to predict and dodge your opponent while trying to destroy their foothold and watch them fall! 

Knock down your opponents, don't fall or run out of space and you will be the winner!!

Development team:

  • Pavel Tanonov, Discord: Tnnv#2133 Itch.io: Tnnv
  • Delphine Spack, Discord: Delphi#5544
  • nbtthief, Discord: nbtthief#9235
  • nichann, Discord: nichann#4447; Itch.io: nichann
  • Oliver Jeffery, Discord: LeDankWolffe#3381 - Itch.io: LeDankWolffe


OtoshiCastle.zip 208 MB

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