Information about the game design of The Inspector: Complex Arms

Game scheme:
The game world is divided into zones with a range of levels for each. The level range determines the level limits for enemies and equipment in the zone (and their types also).
The player receives random quests from the NPC at the base for the zones corresponding to his level.
By destroying opponents and completing quests, the player increases his level and improves his equipment, so that new quests will confront the player with stronger enemies in new zones.
At certain levels, the player receives unique story quests, the completion of the last of which ends the game.

Quests usually involve the interaction of the hero with some object on the level. This is simply a reason to fight enemies and get loot and one of the sources of experience. Normal quests can be acquired multiple times.
The main quests are unique, moving the player through the storyline and allowing him to progress through the game.

The types of enemies depend on the level of the hero. At the beginning of the game, the player is confronted by the security, then by the soldiers of the corporation's private army, then by the special forces, and at the end by the bodyguards of the corporation's management.
The specific composition of the squad opposing the player in each battle is chosen at random.

Enemies are of three types:
1. Common - the same level with the hero (within the range of levels of the current zone).
2. Elite - 2 levels higher than the hero, have one random offensive and one random defensive special abilities.
3. Commander with a squad - 4 levels higher than the hero, has an aura that increases the damage or defense of the squad. The squad is ordinary enemies.

Also, sometimes the hero is opposed by a squad with a unique enemy. Each of them is encountered once per game, and can possess unique weapons.

The player can equip:
Weapons - different types of firearms
Energy Shield - absorbs damage, has regeneration
Armor - absorbs damage, when destroyed, the player is forced to teleport to the base

Weapons, armor and shields can have up to two extra properties that enhance their basic characteristics.
Weapons can also be unique - such weapons are found once per game and can be found in the game world or obtained from a unique enemy.
Thanks to the workbenches, sometimes found in arsenals, weapons can be upgraded to hero level.

Weapons can be found in arsenals, at levels, or picked up from opponents (weapon will be the same level as enemy).
Energy shields are picked up from opponents (will also be the same level as enemy).
Armor can be found in arsenals.

Player Skills:
With each new level, the player receives a skill point, which can be spent on learning any skill from 3 categories: hand-to-hand combat, weapons and devices.
A player can equip 4 skills at the same time, assigned to keys 1-4.
Examples of skills are: shoulder punch with acceleration, frag grenade, instant energy shield restoration.

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